Virtual Fall Meeting 2021
Thursday, November 4th, 2021
6:45 Registration & Sponsor Exhibitions
7:00 P.M. Scientific Session
7:45 P.M. Keynote Speaker
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Scientific Presentations

1. Differences in baseline characteristics between patients enrolled in randomized trials comparing bypass surgery and percutaneous interventions and clinical practice. David Chadow MD1, Katia Audisio MD1, Gianmarco Cancelli MD1, N. Bryce Robinson MD1, Roberto Perezgrovas MD1, Mohamed Rahouma MD1, Mudathir Ibrahim MD2, Jordan Leith1 MS, Abhinav Pandy MS1, Abidur Rafi BS1, Eric Rosen MS,1 Giovanni Jr. Soletti MD1, Mario Gaudino MD, PhD1 1 Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine2, Department of General surgery, Maimonides Medical Center.
Discussant: John Puskas, MD

2. Mitral Valve Replacement for Extensive Mitral Annular Calcification; Surgical Strategies and Outcomes Erick Sun MD, Ahmed El-Eshmawi MD, Sophia Alexis MD, Dimosthenis Pandis MD, Percy Boateng MD, Gilbert Tang MD
Discussant: Eugene Grossi, MD

3. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Opioid Epidemic and Resultant Effects on Cardiac Transplant Volumes Katherine G. Phillips, MD Les James, MD MPH, Marie Rabadi, MD, Eugene A. Grossi, MD, Deane Smith, MD, Aubrey C. Galloway, MD, and Nader Moazami, MD, NYU Langone Health
Discussant: Yoshifumi Naka, MD


“Clinical Trials in Cardiothoracic Surgery”
Invited Speaker:
Dr. John D. Puskas

Professor of Thoracic Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Site Chair, Cardiovascular Surgery Mount Sinai West, Morningside, and Downtown
Director of Coronary Revascularization for the Mount Sinai Health System.


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