NYSTS Spring 2020 Ballot Results

Dear NYSTS members,

By unanimous ballot, the NYSTS Constitution has been amended to allow appropriate Society function in times where in-person meetings are not feasible.

Additionally, the existing Council members were unanimously re-elected for another one year term.

The Society welcomes the following new members:

Ryan Chiu, MD; Junior, Cornell
Marc Vimolratana, MD; Junior, Cornell
David Blitzer. MD; Junior, Columbia
Ana Claudia Costs, MD; Junior, Mount Sinai
Michael D’Angelo, MD; Junior,NYU
Mohamed El Zaeedi, MD; Junior, NYU

Gilbert Tang, MD, MSc, MBA, Andrew Kaufman, MD, Pey-Jen Yu, MD, Isaac George, MD, Luigi Pirelli, MD, Brian Mitzman, MD, Julissa Jurado, MD, Eugene Grossi, MD, & Frank Manetta, MD,